Senior Citizens

The senior citizens and long time residents of Grantsville and the surrounding areas are the heart and soul of the community and we are here to take care of you. Through specific, comfortable, safe adjustments we can help minimize your pain and keep you having that spring in your step. Dr. Brown has taken care of patients of all ages from 0-93 and finds the seniors of the community some of his favorite patients.

We use a variety of techniques to provide safe and effective adjustments to our patients. Drop tables are used to provide small light movements in the table that help eliminate the need for much force in the adjustment process, but can be extremely specific and effective. Arthrostim instruments provide quick impulses that help reset tissue patterns neurological and can provide great relief with little to no pain. These are some of the top ways we help cater to each individual. Dr. Brown will work with you to identify what your body responds best to, so we can keep your dancing the day away.


Low back, hip, and pelvic pain are extremely common in pregnancy. In fact it’s reported that most pregnant women experience low back and/or pelvic pain during pregnancy, especially during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. This is when the mother’s body is making structural and hormonal changes to prepare for childbirth.

Studies show that low back pain caused sleep disturbances and impaired daily living in over half of pregnant women.

Our chiropractic clinic and research has found that specific chiropractic adjustments combined with home exercise and stretches can make all the difference. Dr. Brown has helped numerous pregnant patients be as comfortable as possible whether it’s week 1 or week 43.

In addition, chiropractic care has aided in reducing labor time which is both beneficial for mom and baby.

Another condition that can develop during pregnancy is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). It’s reported that around 20% of all pregnant women will develop CTS and only 40% of those will resolve on their own. CTS can be extremely disruptive to life, sleep, and enjoy your little one.

At Grantsville Back Pain Relief Chiropractic, we offer a non-surgical, effective combination of management strategies that can be easily and safely applied during and after pregnancy.


Whether it’s your shoulder, neck, ankle, knee, or elbow, fine tuning and removing pain is key to optimal performance. Dr. Brown specializes in extremity adjusting through specialized muscle tests to assure you are performing at your highest potential. Having been a runner, basketball, and ultimate frisbee player Dr. Brown has experienced the benefits personally and wants all athletes to excel.

There are two main types of injuries associated with sports: acute and overuse. Acute injuries have an immediate onset of symptoms and, typically, a clear cause of injury. For example, a player twists their ankle while making a sudden change in direction. Overuse injuries are caused by repetitive microtrauma that eventually results in an injury with no clear cause. In the world of sports overuse injuries are extremely common.

Think of the top athletes and common injuries seen:

– The basketball player who goes up to grab a rebound and their knee just buckles and they tear their ligaments.

– The football player who day after day does similar drills and then on one cut to the side their ankle or knee gives out.

– The softball or baseball player who throws one too many times and now struggles to even go through that motion.

– The golfer who is constantly twisting in one direction as they work on their swing and their back locks up

– Etc.

The list could go on and on. At Grantsville Back Pain Relief Chiropractic we commonly treat athletes who participate in many different sports. We focus on both helping athletes recover from injuries as well as reducing the risk of injury in the first place.



Bumps and bruises are common in the day to day life of a kid, but then there’s the extreme fall of a bed or down the stairs. Running into a sibling or wall, etc. Those more extreme cases are where gentle, safe chiropractic treatment can make all the difference. Kids are extremely responsive and generally don’t need much to get them right back to their energetic selves. Dr. Brown has lots of experience due to having 4 kids himself and growing up with a Dad who was a chiropractor.

If you’ve noticed the following in your kids an adjustment may be just what they need:

Trouble sleeping

Complaints of ‘growing’ pains

Constantly moving their neck and shoulders

Walking differently, for example on their toes or with a limp

Mood changes


The birthing process is not easy. It can create micro injuries, especially in the neck, which can create difficulties nursing, sleeping, and moving. Chiropractic care with babies is very different from an adult adjustment. Dr. Brown has checked and if needed adjusted his kids hours to days after birth. He uses soft specific forces to allow your baby’s body to heal and function to the highest level.

Based on the cause, chiropractic can help with


– torticollis,

– acid reflux,

– earaches/infections,

-digestive issues

– difficulty sleeping

and many other conditions.

Car Accidents

Car accidents throw a huge wrench into your life at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s whiplash, concussion, neck, back or joint pain, or even minor soreness chiropractic care can make a world of difference.

Even if you were told you are fine, many injuries can show up months to years down the road. Get taken care of now while you can receive help.

In the state of Utah all auto insurance policies are required to cover a minimum of $3,000 of medical care through what is called a personal injury protection policy or PIP policy. You can receive this benefit whether you are at fault or not, called no-fault coverage. We can assist you in getting more information and using this should not raise your premiums. Don’t let even the smallest of injuries go untreated to only later find out the true extent of the problem. Download The Secret to 4 Whiplash Myths Guide here.

Take some time. Heal the pain.